Webpacked Bootstrap 4 & Font Awesome 4

Webpack supprt for bootstrap 4 & font awesome 4

How To Use

Toggle Bootstrap 4 settings: By default this is off

$ node-rails settings bootstrap bootstrap --switch='true'$ node-rails settings bootstrap bootstrap --switch='false'

Boostrap Changes

Global Boostrap Changes

Default bootstrap overwrites happen in the bootstrap directory. Add sass files to index.scss in the bootstrap directory. Run build to see your changes because bootstrap is pre-bundled before changes to your application.

Webpack Bundle

To remove extra javascript, update your settings in webpack/settings.js in the key bootstrap to remove any extra javascript you are not using.

Webpack Bootstrap Toggle

To remove pre-webpacked bootstrap, update your settings in webpack/settings.js for the key bootstrapToggle to value false. Just in case, the CLI failed.