Default Configuration

What is in the project by default.

Initial Items Given After Creation

Initial Dependiences

Rails On Node by default comes with the essentials to get a safe, clean production server ready for deployment. It comes with basic web security, redis backend caching, and everything you need to succeed with a production API and front end web server.

Initial Setup

Rails On Node sets up basic web security and development needs by default. It uses an encryption key for your web secret and when sharing a repo, the web secret is required to get the server running. It is recommended that you use secret keys for any json web token secrets as well. Rails On Node handles everything you need in one project for the perfect API and front end server.

  • Async support for Express.js
  • CSRF Tokens are set in the meta tag in the head for your pages
  • Redis stores your session data
  • There is an initial index view route in vanilla js and css
  • There is an api version v1 that is created
  • Dummy meta tag data is set
  • No initial database setup
  • Redis url setup with dotenv
  • Automatic unit tests for any route created/generated
  • Webpack is initialized for any new page routes generated
  • 2048 bit encryption key for your web secret

Generate a new secret key

$ cd openssl$ bash <THE-NAME-OF-YOUR-SECRET-KEY>$ cd ..