Meta Tag Support

One json file to handle your meta tags

App.json for Search Engine Optimization

Fill in your basic meta tags in app.json

App.json is one single json file to handle all of your meta tags in app.json, for custom tags add them to your route page head tag for each individual page. Fill in your custom data and it will update on all pages generated. You can more to each individual page by updating them in the pug templates in the view directory. Check out how rankings work in Google Searches.

Example app.json

Rails On Node Example

{ "title": "Rails On Node", "description": "Rails On NOde: Opinionated Node.js framework with serverside React and Redux support with automatic API Documentation and unit tests built in.", "themeColor": "#007bff", "detailImage": "/assets/img/nodejs.webp", "twitterCreator": "@example-twitter", "keywords": [ "Rails On Node", "Node.js", "javascript" ] }